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Get in touch –
E: [email protected]
T: 01782 683046

Your Social Care Needs Assessment

Living at home may be getting more difficult for several reasons such as mental health problems, learning and physical difficulties or social isolation and loneliness. To help maintain your independence a Social Care Needs Assessment can be carried out to determine how best to help you.

The support available through via this assessment can be provided for a short period of time, for example you may require an intense period of care following discharge from hospital and once your condition improves, you may manage without some support or even all of it. Alternatively, you may require longer term care on an ongoing basis to maintain your independence. Whatever your circumstances, don’t worry, the aim is purely to make your life easier.

Your assessment is designed to determine your needs and how we can offer support. It is often carried out by Social Services, but as a social care practitioner, SilverTree will undertake the assessment with any private finance clients. In advance of the assessment you may find it helpful to think about which services will assist you to live independently at home and be socially active on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to this list we also offer daytime opportunities to local attractions in North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. For more information please contact us on 01782 683046.

List of services for Care Assessment

  • Personal Care (including administration of medication)
  • Collection of medication
  • Shopping (accompanied or independent collection)
  • Companionship someone to talk to
  • Home cleaning (hoovering, dusting and other activities)
  • Laundry and ironing / folding
  • Gardening and mowing (plus weeding, hedge cutting)
  • Decluttering and recycling assistance
  • Waiting in for deliveries / signing for deliveries
  • Delivery and collection of parcels / mail
  • Assistance to complete official forms and letter writing
  • Memorial tending
  • Signposting to other helpful organisations
  • Guidance about possible state benefits and grants

What is involved in the assessment, do I need to provide anything or just answer questions?

A member of Social Services or SilverTree Home Support will visit you at home when it is convenient for you. There is no need to prepare in advance, but it is useful to think about which everyday tasks you find difficult.

On arrival they will show you their official ID and introduce themselves/explain what the visit is designed to do. Feel free to ask questions at any time, it is important that you feel comfortable and do not feel rushed or flustered.

The questions asked all relate to areas of your daily living and will identify any tasks you need assistance with (getting in and out of the bed, washing, dressing, and cooking). This is often referred to as ‘personal care’. Further questions will consider your practical care needs such as doing laundry, cleaning, and shopping.

After the assessment has been carried out, a care plan will be produced tailored to your individual needs. The care plan will outline your needs and identify those services you need to continue living independently at home.You or your  representative will be provided with a copy of it. This tells you the services you have been assessed as needing and how they could be arranged.

To apply for a needs assessment carried out by Social Services please use the below link:

To apply for a needs assessment carried out by our care manager
Please call us on 07767 166636 or send us an email on [email protected]