Get in touch – E: [email protected]t T: 01782 683046

Get in touch –
E: [email protected]
T: 01782 683046

Client testimonials

“Happy with everything”

“ Always there if needed, very well looked after”

“We are really happy with Diane. She doesn’t really like many people”

“Happy with support, find Helen friendly and efficient”

“I am totally satisfied with my Help and Support. No complaints”

“Very caring and nothing is a problem. Easy to cater for me when I have to change days for any reason”


89% said the standard of support services at SilverTree are very good.

89% of our clients felt we were very good at respecting their dignity and privacy.

94% felt our team were very good at listening to and considering our clients views.

94% felt the level and quality of response was good or very good when they contact us by phone.

95% of people said they felt good or very good talking to us in confidence

94% of our clients have a very good impression of our organisation